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 About Sivakasi

 How Sivakasi came to be called so ?.

  When Hindus just hear the very name 'Kaasi', it evokes religious sentiments with them. 'Kaasi', a place where every devout Hindu is expected to visit once in his lifetime. Apart from that there are two other Kaasi's in Tamil Nadu -Tenkasi (meaning the Southern Kaasi) located near Courtallam, close to Kerala and Sivakasi (Kaasi of Siva) located at South of Madurai. It is interesting to note how Sivakasi came to be called so. The king, Ankesari Parakrama Pandyan ruled the southern region of Madurai, with his capital at Tenkasi. He wished to establish a Siva temple at Tenkasi and he had  planned to visit Kaasi Varanasi to  worship Lord Siva there and bring a Linga from there.While returning to his place with the prized Linga a few miles past Madurai, he took rest under a groove of Vilva trees. When the king woke up to continue his journey after his overnight halt,the cow that carried the Sivalinga, being brought from Varnasi, refused to move from there, for all coaxing and coercing. Moreover, the princess attained puberty that night which prohibited the carrying of the Linga. As events thus overtook auspicious time for the already proposed plan of consecrating the Linga at Tenkasi, the king reverentially placed the Linga in the place where he had halted and proceeded to Tenkasi. The place which was sanctified by the Sivalinga brought from Kaasi, henceforth came to be called Sivakasi.


  The town is located at 9.28' North latitude and 77.48'  East longitude.  This city is located 100.07 meter above sea level.  This town consists of 81.027 hectares which works out of 31.157% and 11.80% to the developed and total areas respectively.  The town comprises of 6.89 Sq Km in extent and population of 65,593 as per 1991 census.  The total number of  males are 33,123 and no of  females are 32,970.

Existing land use Sivakasi local planning area

 S.No   Land use  Extent in hectares  Percentage to total area  Percentage to developed area
 1.   Residential   91,2729.60   13.25%   34.97% 
 2.   Commercial   25,0817.25   3.64%   9.61% 
 3.   Industrial   38,3798.00   5.58%   14.70% 
 4.   Education   19,3566.00   2.81%   7.42% 
 5.   Public and Semi public   (Including roads)   86,87545.00  12.62%   33.30% 
 6.   Agricultural   427,6912.25   62.10%   ------- 



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