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Sivakasi- The Mini-Japan:

                  Sivakasi- Mini-Japan, popularly known as mini-Japan possesses multifarious industries like Fireworks, Match Factories, Off-set litho presses which provides employment opportunities to a large mass of people in and around the city. The prouding factor and also the noteworthy feature is that people are very industrious, paying attention much to their job. 
  How it all Began:

                     The founders of match industries at Sivakasi were nationalists and philanthropists brothers P. Iyya Nadar and Kaka Shanmuga Nadar. During the early 20th Century, Mr. N.R.K. Rajarathna Nadar who was the founder of the Hindu Matches Ltd., and Mr. Arunagiri Nadar of National Litho Press established for the first time printing units in Sivakasi. Mr. P. Iyya Nadar, founder of FireWorks Industries started producing the basic raw material essential for Fireworks along with Mr. N.R.K. Rajarathna Nadar. 
 Current Pathetic Condition:

                      First and foremost thing is taxes paid by the industrialists run into crores, but their developmental works in Sivakasi are too slow-going. The city is in the midst of pollution due to improper drainage system. The city traffic system is not regulated well which affects free flow of vehicles. The industrial city earns handsome foreign exchange but wears an old look. Government should concentrate on its drainage schemes, water supply, decongesting traffic, new housing facilities for workers etc. Protected water supply is the urgent need for villages in and around Sivakasi and bus services connecting the villages with Sivakasi should be made frequent.Hospital facilities for employees should be made properly.
 Future Hopes:

                         There is a chance for excess export with the co-operation diligence and hard work of industrials who have valuable experience for the last five decades. Additional infra structure would be social and economic benefaction to this throbbing industrial town. 


Fire Works Industries
      Some of the major fire works industries are Anil Fire Works, Arasan Fire Works, Kaleeswari Fire Works, Kuil Fire Works, Muthu Fire Works, Standard Fire Works,Ajanta Fireworks  We two Fire Works.
 Match Box Industries
      Sivakasi's some of the well known match industries are Amma Match Box Industry, Globe Match Box Industry, Hindu Match Box Industry, Lotus Match Box Industry, We two Match Box Industry.
 Printing Industries
       Balaji Offset Printing Industry, Bharat Offset Printing Industry, Everest Offset Printing Industry, Ideal Printing Works, K.K.R. Printing Industry, Lovely Printing Works, Majestic Offset Printing Industry, Majestic Printing Industry, Micro Offset Printing Industry, Srinivasa Fine Arts  Printing Industry, Sri Ram Offset Printing Works, Vinayaga Printing Mills are some of the very famous artistic printing industries.

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